Modelling with OpenAlea


Multiscale Tree Graph datastructure and interfaces


MTG package aims to define :

  • A share data structure for plant architecture representation.

  • Read and write MTG files.

  • Export to various graph format.

  • Several algorithms for MTG.

Authors : Christophe Pradal, Christophe Godin

Institutes : Cirad, Inria

Source Code : Github


Plant simulation using Lindenmayer Systems with Python


L-systems were conceived as a mathematical framework for modeling growth of plants. L-Py is a simulation software that mixes L-systems construction with the Python high-level modeling language.

Authors : Frédéric Boudon, Christophe Pradal, Thomas Cokelaer, Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz, Christophe Godin

Institutes : Cirad, Inria, U. Calgary

Citation : Boudon et al., 2012,

Source Code : Github


An open-source graphic toolkit for the creation, simulation and analysis of 3D virtual plants


Authors: Frédéric Boudon, Christophe Pradal, Christophe Nouguier, Jérôme Chopard, Christophe Godin

Institutes : Cirad, Inria

Citation : Pradal, Boudon et al., 2009,

Source Code : Github

OpenAlea Framework

Documentation status

OpenAlea Framework is able to discover and manage packages and logical components, build and evaluate dataflows and Generate final applications


Authors : Christophe Pradal, Samuel Dufour-Kowalski, Frédéric Boudon, Christian Fournier, Christophe Godin

Institutes : Cirad, Inria, INRA

Citation : Pradal et al., 2008,

Source Code : Github


An application that allows to use OpenAlea packages and to build dataflow graphically


Authors : Christophe Pradal, Samuel

Institutes : Cirad, Inria

Source Code : Github

Plant Models


An extension of the Weber & Penn model for OpenAlea


Authors : Christophe Pradal

Institutes : Cirad

Original Article :

Source Code : Github

Plant Biophysics


Hydroshoot model for 3D hydraulic architecture simulation


HydroShoot is a functional-structural plant modelling package taking into account hydraulic architecture and leaves energy budget and gas exchange.

Authors : Rami Albasha, Christian Fournier, Christophe Pradal

Institutes : INRA, Cirad

Citation : Albasha et al., 2019,

Source Code : Github



Documentation Status

3D reconstruction from high-throughput plant phenotyping images


Plant high-throughput phenotyping aims at capturing the genetic variability of plant response to environmental factors for thousands of plants, hence identifying heritable traits for genomic selection and predicting the genetic values of allelic combinations in different environments.

Authors : Simon Artzet, Christian Fournier, Christophe Pradal, Nicolas Brichet, Jerome Chopard, Michael Mielewczik

Institutes : INRA, Cirad

Source Code : Github


Documentation Status

EarTrack is an imaging library to detect and track future position of ears on maize plants


Authors : Nicolas Brichet, Christian Fournier, Simon Artzet, Christophe Pradal,

Institutes : INRA, Cirad

Citation : Brichet et al., 2017,

Source Code : Github


Strawberry architecture and visualization


Strawberry package enables :

  • Analyses on strawberry architecture at several levels.

  • Modelize strawberry in 2 or 3d.

Authors : Marc Labadie, Christophe Pradal, Gaetan Heidsieck

Institutes : Cirad, Inria

Source Code : Github